CEO & Nurse Practitioner

Meet Alfreida, the visionary leader and heart of Make Me Unique Body & Wellness Spa. As our CEO and Nurse Practitioner, Alfreida brings a wealth of experience and passion for empowering individuals on their wellness journeys. With a nurturing touch and a commitment to excellence, she has created a sanctuary where uniqueness is celebrated, and transformations are embraced. Alfreida's expertise in healthcare and aesthetics ensures that every client receives personalized care that reflects their individual beauty inside and out.

Embrace Your Unique Beauty & Discover Transformation

Thank you for considering Make Me Unique Body & Wellness Spa for your transformative journey towards total well-being and unique beauty. We are excited to be your partners on this path of empowerment and self-discovery. Let's embrace your uniqueness together and unlock the beauty that lies within. We look forward to welcoming you to our sanctuary of relaxation and transformation.